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so i think i’ll be hitting up an open house for my first time tomorrow [well, today].. just did some last-minute research and daaaanngggg, i’m glad i’m not apartment hunting in san fran or nyc!

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Happy Friday! Hope you’re enjoying the start to your weekend, especially if you had off from school or work! My day just got a bit better after buying myself this¬†little gift :3¬†

For whatever reason, for the last 6+ years my keys, USB thumb drives + other small oddities have been stashed in some cheap, dumb purple plastic goblet. My name written in Sharpie on the base hints that it was probably a freebie from a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or friend’s birthday party. So, I decided it was time for an upgrade!

This glass square Art Deco ashtray was a $10 find from LucysLuckyDeals on Etsy. Gorgeous, no?

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how to style wire shelves - via the everygirl.

how to style wire shelves - via the everygirl.

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Show us your space!

I [finally] added a button so you can submit photos of your house/bedroom/apartment to share with everyone :)

Have at it!

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