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duuuude! my mom was working a wedding this evening, and the family who lived next door was giving away furniture… she picked up this high top chair for me, and it matches the other one i grabbed from a yard sale EXACTLY.

the lighting is a little off in the photo, but the color wood is an exact match. so crazy! + now i have a pair of chairs for a grand total of $2.

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So I understand if you have no clue how to help with this but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask someone as... apartment-savy as you. :) I'm moving soon into my own little apartment (yay!) and I've been lucky enough to have people either buy or give me things for the apartment (sofa, tv, etc). Problem is I'm not the richest person in the world so my question is: Do you (or any of your followers) have any ideas as to how I can take all the gifts I've gotten without having to buy or sell?


SORRRY I didn’t see your message earlier!

First off, congratulations! :) Be sure to send in lotsa pics when you move! 

Hmmm I’m a little confused by the question, are you asking the best way to transport all of the gifts you’ve received to your new place?

If so, I can tell you I just booked a 10’ truck through UHaul and it’s not going to be tooo expensive. It’s $20 for the day (1 - 24 hours), and then $1.50 per mile. So that could be an option, depending on how far you have to drive! 

If you’re going farther, like out of state, I’ve had a few people recommend PODS. The prices are reasonable and they do the driving for you! Good luck - let me know if I totally messed up and misunderstood your question, haha.

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Cactus Family!
Ceramic plant pots by Herbert Green

Cactus Family!

Ceramic plant pots by Herbert Green

(Source: herbertgreen, via thewxmbats)

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Participated in The Color Run + stayed out way too late at the bars with friends on Saturday, then spent all day today priming, spray painting, and polishing chrome on my furniture. It’s been a messy weekend.

T-minus 13 days until move-in, I’m gonna be BUGGINN soon. The end of the month is always the busiest with client deliverables, too. Still, that means I’ll get to relax the first week I’m there because every project and monthly report will be over and done with :] Wish me luck until then!

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