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Ask me anything   show us your space!   MOST LITTLE GIRLS DREAM, PLAN + SCHEME FOR THEIR WEDDING DAY; I do the same for my 1st apartment.
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Participated in The Color Run + stayed out way too late at the bars with friends on Saturday, then spent all day today priming, spray painting, and polishing chrome on my furniture. It’s been a messy weekend.

T-minus 13 days until move-in, I’m gonna be BUGGINN soon. The end of the month is always the busiest with client deliverables, too. Still, that means I’ll get to relax the first week I’m there because every project and monthly report will be over and done with :] Wish me luck until then!

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I’m 87 followers away from 3000 WOWW

Never could have imagined this little page could get so big!

How cool would it be to hit the big 3k right around the time I move into my own place on August 1st though? I think it can happen for sure :)

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